Product Information Management
One centralized location to gather, refine, and distribute your product information.
Automate the collection, transformation, and cleansing of raw product data from various sources (flat files, databases, ERP, etc.) into your single source of truth.
Sell in more places by easily exporting your product information to various channels (ecommerce websites and marketplaces, print, social networks, mobile and wearable applications, points of sale, etc.).
Suit your business needs with support for international locales, custom variant attributions, product associations, store-level inventory, product media, and just about anything else.
Enable your team of merchandisers, copy writers, marketers, etc. to easily refine their product information in one location instead of various emails and spreadsheets.
An industry-leading tool for power users to quickly review products, make changes, and simplify their workflows, massively increasing productivity.
Full-featured product management…
PIM - Core Data

Core Data.

Quickly access the key product information at the top of the product page. Customize the fields to meet your systems, requirements, and industry.
PIM - Media


Review multimedia assets in one place before pushing live to your site.
PIM - Copy


Edit copy across multiple locales in one location using WYSIWYG or markup.
PIM - Pricing


Manage your price books for all your locales and channels in one easy interface.
PIM - Attributes


Create and manage custom product attributes all the way down to the SKU level.
PIM - Inventory


Easily track your inventory down to the style, color, size, and location.
PIM - Channels screen


Publish products to your channels with fine-grain control including availability.
PIM - Tags


Add, edit, and manage tags at the individual product level or in bulk—a great feature to manage dynamic collections in Shopify.
PIM - Channels

Colors & Associated Products.

Create and manage custom product attributes all the way down to the SKU level.
PIM - Integrations


Milo Retail integrates with dozens of platforms and services to consolidate your data into one location for easy editing and channel distribution. If you don’t see yours here, just ask!
Power Views™ help power users to quickly search for products in groupings such as an entire season, category, etc. (or a custom list) and efficiently scan the data across multiple products to make sure it’s production-ready.

You can filter the views by Copy, Images, Pricing, Attributes, and Tags to efficiently check your products before launch.
PIM - Power View: Copy

Power Views:

See multiple products in one view to quickly scan your copy for completion and consistency. In this case, the season “FALL2021” has been searched to provide a final overview of product copy before launch.
PIM - Power View: Images

Power Views:

Easily scan through all of your images for a given season to make sure everything is in the right place.
PIM - Power View: Pricing

Power Views:

Efficiently scan all your pricing to ensure accuracy and consistency across all channels.
PIM - Power View: Attributes

Power Views:

Review all your product attributes across multiple products to make sure they have been assigned correctly.
PIM - Power View: Pricing

Power Views:

See multiple products in one view to quickly review your tags for completion and consistency.