Order Management System
Securely and efficiently manage all aspects of your order lifecycle in one centralized location, ensuring product delivery for happy customers.
Multiple systems. Multiple channels. Multiple warehouses. Multiple countries. Intelligently route your orders to optimize logistics and fulfillment operations.
Wouldn’t it be nice to roll out an app that doesn’t require days of training? Our intuitive interface allows customer service to quickly access all the data they need in one place.
We play nice with everybody—Shopify, Netsuite, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or anyone else. And if you need something custom, no problem.
Completely open architecture integrates with the best fraud prevention vendors in the industry to provide actionable data for you to protect your bottom line.
Whether you’re doing one thousand orders a month, or one million, the Milo platform is modern, cloud-based software that scales to meet your most demanding needs.
Full-featured order management…
OMS - Dashboard

Real-time visibility.

The beautiful visualizations on the Milo OMS dashboard are simple and intuitive, allowing you to accurately monitor and react to changing business needs in real time.

And your dashboard is yours — customize it to show only the data you care about.
OMS - Full Control

Full Control.

Take control of your orders with Milo OMS to easily reprocess, cancel, reroute, update customer information, edit line items, and more.

See a complete view of each order including line items, customer details, and a timeline of order events including tracking numbers and links to a customer profile.
OMS - Manage Your Risk

Manage Your Risk.

Milo OMS minimizes your exposure to fraud by monitoring and flagging suspect orders for review by leveraging full integration with most popular fraud management solutions.

And you can easily measure the efficacy of your risk management efforts with our reporting — keeping your business safe and your team focused on growth.
OMS - Remove Complexity

Remove Complexity.

Take your complexities — data, integrations, transformations, business logic, rules, flows — and let Milo OMS do the heavy lifting by transforming them into easily managed processes that give you back time to focus on your core business.
OMS - Quick Access

Quick Access.

Milo OMS delivers powerful views of your order information no matter what platform originated it, enabling you to view that information in the most convenient location for your team.

These easy-to-use tools reduce the load on customer service, decrease time per ticket, and enable you to handle more orders with your current workforce.
OMS - Grow With Confidence

Grow With Confidence.

You can rely on Milo OMS to grow along with your business — we have a proven track record of scaling from a few thousand orders per year to millions across multiple channels and countries.

Our platform scales on demand for maximum speed, stability, and growth, ensuring optimal performance for businesses of any size.
OMS - Platform Intelligence

Platform Intelligence.

Milo OMS effortlessly transforms your complex business rules into intelligent solutions for securely handling your unique order flow.

Starting with best-of-breed technologies, our platform powers optimized workflows and dynamic routing to adapt and grow with your business.
OMS - Endless Possibilities.

Endless Possibilities.

We understand that every business has unique needs, and we’ve built an open platform to make sure you’re covered.

Milo OMS plays well with just about everyone, and if you don’t see your system here, just ask us!