In-Store Fulfillment
Sell all of your store inventory on your website and ship from your stores (or pick up in store!)
Intuitive workflows and simple interfaces make it easy for associates to find the right product, print packing slips and shipping labels, and quickly track and complete in-store fulfillments.
If you can get to a web page, you can use Milo ISF, a web-based platform that adapts to your environment. No new hardware or software to install or maintain. Ever!
Gain powerful insights into fulfillment performance across your fleet by tracking key metrics like store and employee productivity, no stock rates, employee commissions, average fulfillment times, and product performance.
All the fulfillment options your customers expect—buy online pick up in store (BOPIS), buy online ship from store (BOSS), and charge-sends—to sell anywhere and fulfill anywhere.
There’s plenty of options to support your situation, including carrier integrations, employee commission calculations, in-store alerting, packing and shipping label printing. We’ve got you covered!
Scaleable in-store fulfillment…
Simple and powerful fulfillments

Simple and powerful fulfillments.

Milo ISF makes in-store fulfillments fast and easy using a simple two-step process of finding product and printing both the packing slip and shipping label.

If an order sits too long at a store—without getting touched by an associate—you have the option to set automatic rerouting rules to get your product to your customer as soon as possible.
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Quickly find the correct product.

To avoid returns, Milo ISF enables associates to scan the barcode of the item they have picked to ensure it is correct before packing. If the item cannot be found (also known as a “no stock”) clear reasons are selected to help your business understand the inventory discrepancy.
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Large-scale imagery for accuracy.

Detailed imagery in Milo ISF helps associates easily identify the correct product. Paired with a barcode scan in the fulfillment process, associates are given powerful tools to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.
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One-click printing of packing slips and shipping labels.

Milo ISF has optimized the picking and packing process with a hyper-efficient printing of both the packing slip and shipping label with one click. We integrate with popular shipping providers to leverage your existing vendors and make set-up a snap.
OMS - Quick Access

Monitor your charge sends.

Orders can be fulfilled and monitored in various ways within Milo ISF. For example, if a store does not have inventory for an item and calls another store to fulfill that item—often called a “charge send”—the Milo ISF interface can show the associate the status of that order, as well as accept and fulfill charge sends at their own store.
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Catch shipping errors and fix them fast.

Sometimes your e-commerce site’s address validation does not match your shipper’s address validation. Orders with these shipping errors are efficiently listed for customer service to edit in Milo ISF and keep your orders moving.
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Assign orders to associates.

If you are using any stores as high-volume locations for hundreds of e-commerce fulfillments, Milo ISF has an option to optimize workflows by assigning orders to specific associates to fulfill. This includes easily tracking the orders assigned to each associate and printing a custom pick list for them.
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Dashboard of orders assigned to associates.

At high-volume stores using the assignment option in Milo ISF, associates see the orders they are assigned at the top of the Pending Orders page, or they can grab from the unassigned orders below it after they complete their tasks. Associates can easily export and print a custom pick list showing only their orders.
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Edit ISF roles.

Store Managers at high-volume stores have the option to assign roles in Milo ISF. While the “Pick Pack” role has only the ability to fulfill orders assigned to that person, the “ISF Lead” role also has the ability to assign and unassign orders to other associates.
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Custom pick lists.

There is an option to print a custom pick list for each associate working at high-volume store fulfilling hundreds of orders per day using Milo ISF. A barcode next to each order allows for quick printing of the shipping label and packing slip for each fulfillment.
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Custom email reports.

In addition to reporting within the Milo ISF interface, there are also custom reports that can be emailed to specific mailing lists at specified times each day. In this case, there is a Pending Orders Report sent to west coast stores in the morning to give regional, district, and store managers a pulse on their ISF activities.
OMS - Endless Possibilities.

Endless Possibilities.

We understand that every business has unique needs, and we’ve built an open platform to make sure you’re covered.

Milo OMS plays well with just about everyone, and if you don’t see your system here, just ask us!