Harness your data, develop your clients, drive more sales.
Arm your associates with sales histories and communication records to understand the tastes, preferences, and buying habits of your customers online and in store.
Develop more personal client relationships by empowering your associates to communicate directly with key customers using bidirectional email and text messages, product imagery, custom assortments, new product alerts, thank yous, you name it.
Realtime, ad hoc, and scheduled reports create actionable measurements of employee performance, top-selling products, store productivity, and other metrics to optimize customer engagement.
Empower your associates to sell outside the store by sending embedded shopping carts full of curated products for customers to easily click and buy.
Our cloud-based platform scales with your business and integrates with your existing enterprise systems (access management, user directories, store data, etc.), powering fast growth.
Full-featured clienteling…


The Milo Clienteling dashboard puts daily action items at your fingertips for emails, texts, follow-ups, birthdays, thank yous, and more. Quickly see the overall status of your clients, including their lifetime totals, last purchases, and last contacts!
CLIENTELING - Client Snapshot

Client Snapshot.

The Milo Clienteling client snapshot includes a graphic summary of every client purchase and key statistics to better understand customer needs and behaviors to help increase sales.
CLIENTELING - Order History

Order History.

Milo Clienteling enables you to deep dive into the order history of a client to fully understand their color, style, and size preferences, as well as the quantity and frequency of their orders to help drive revenue.
CLIENTELING - Text Builder

Text Builder.

Create personal relationships with your customers through Milo Clienteling text messages, including images of past purchases, new products, or images taken by the associate.

Associates communicate on a corporate platform that is secure, compliant, and auditable, rather than using their own devices.
CLIENTELING - Email Builder

Email Builder.

Compose one-on-one, personal emails with the Milo Clienteling Email Builder to produce high open rates and big results through measured clicks and conversions.

Pre-made templates give associates a starting point from which to build. From there they can see recent purchases and search for new product images to include in their communications to drive sales.
CLIENTELING - Bulk Email Builder

Bulk Email Builder.

Sometimes you need to send emails to many clients at once. Milo Clienteling empowers associates to efficiently send emails to all the clients in a store, to an entire client list, or to a few select clients.

These bulk emails are still intensely personal—similar to the one-on-one emails—and provide an intimacy and level of service your customers will love.

Thank Yous.

If your business has a policy to send “thank you notes’’ to customers, your employees can be notified in Milo Clienteling to send a thank you email or letter every time their client makes a purchase.

These “thank you notes” are then measurable with a “thank you rate” to keep your customer service goals on track.


Milo Clienteling provides actionable data in real time with dozens of key metrics including productivity, client sales, top sellers, client details, and requests at the individual, store, region, district, and corporate levels.

Contact Log.

Our robust email solution allows you to make informed decisions about the efficacy of your reachouts based on opens and clicks in the Milo Clienteling Contact Log.

While we integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, MailChimp, and other Email Service Providers (ESPs), you can also just ask us to handle emails for you without any setup!
CLIENTELING - Customer Service Integration

Customer Service Integration.

Milo Clienteling now gives you the ability to send communications directly from your Contact Log into Zendesk or other customer service applications.

If a client requests something from an employee that’s better handled by customer service, just hit “Send to Zendesk” to create a ticket in your existing system!
CLIENTELING - Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking.

Every image you send through Milo Clienteling links to the product PDP (product detail page) and attributes sales to the associate who sent it, allowing you to make decisions about the efficacy of your efforts.

Using Google Analytics, Shopify, or other tracking sources, you can see which personal reachouts resulted in sales and build your strategies from there.
CLIENTELING - Appointments


Milo Clienteling enables companies to schedule appointments through their own websites.

The web widget can be styled to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.
PIM - Integrations


Milo Retail integrates with dozens of platforms and services to consolidate your data into one location for easy editing and channel distribution. If you don’t see yours here, just ask!